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The Street Help Homeless Centre of Windsor is always striving to provide warm full healthy meals and essential supplies to 300-350 homeless and needy in our community a day. In order to maintain the integrity of our Centre and provide the upmost care and support to the most vulnerable persons in our community we rely heavily on financial contributions and donations of food and supplies. Below you will find a list of the most frequently used items we are always in need of;

FOOD (this list is not exhaustive, any other donations are greatly appreciate)

  • Meat (hotdogs, burgers, ham, turkey, ground beef, etc.)

  • Vegetables

  • Fruit

  • Canned food items

  • Non-perishable items (granola bars, fruit cups, crackers, etc.)

  • Individually packaged juice boxes/bottles of juice

SUPPLIES (this list is not exhaustive, any other donation of supplies appreciated)

  • Cleaning Supplies ( sanitizer, disinfectants, brooms, mops, floor cleaners, etc.)

  • Toilet paper & paper towels

  • Napkins

  • Sandwich bags of all sizes

  • Paper coffee cups & lids

  • Office supplies (paper, pens, highlighters, binders, calculators, etc.)

  • Hygiene products (deodorant for both men and women, shampoo, conditioner, adult diapers, mouth wash, shaving cream, razors, gum & mints, baby wipes & diapers, etc.)

  • Sleeping bags & mats

  • First-aid kits

  • Blankets / pillows

  • New clothing of all sizes (socks, undergarments, t-shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, etc.)

  • Gloves, hats, scarves and coats

  • New shoes/boots of all sizes

  • Have any other ideas? Please contact us we love any support we can get!

  • Gas gift cards for our Street Help van

All donations can be dropped off at the Centre, 964 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor or if you prefer our team of volunteers can come to your location with our Street Help van and pick up any donations! Just give us a call at 519-977-9200 or email us at to arrange a date and time.

We truly appreciate any and all support we receive from the community. At Street Help Homeless Centre we do not have any paid staff or administrators - everyone including the founders are completely volunteering their time. Every penny from donations goes directly to supporting the centre and all the programs we offer for the homeless.

If you have any questions please contact us: 519-977-9200 or

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