At Street Help in Windsor, our mission is to provide sanctuary from the streets where the homeless will be given the dignity to provide to themselves and to others the services they require.

Street Help is a leader, providing improvements to the lives of our citizens most in need, making our community a model of giving, understanding, and inclusiveness.

We pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and community well-being. We believe that by sharing common values, we can increase the opportunity of each individual in our community.


Street Help has been serving the homeless community for more than 17 years. Our homeless clients are also our volunteers, helping to provide the services others need to grow and improve their lives.

We have no paid Administrators or Fundraisers. We employ a Street Outreach Advocate and two Street Patrollers. These persons have all been or are homeless and understand the issues. They are content to work at minimum wage to ensure they are not “living off the homeless.”

The majority of our staff are volunteers and the majority have been or are homeless. Our volunteers understand the circumstances others are going through and can provide the necessary help, but it also provides them the gift of helping others who are also in need. They can grow and better themselves while also assisting others in their effort to improve their lives.


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